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With over 25 years of experience designing and fabricating custom-made shutters, ShutterSMART is North America’s leading shutter manufacturer known for making quality affordable shutters quickly and conveniently.

Privacy & superb light “control”

Custom-Made Plantation Shutters

Upgrade the value and look of your home

Polyclad Wood Shutters

Shuttersmart Polyclad Wood Shutters are the best poly shutters available today.

AllView Polyresin

Beautiful Poly Shutters With Unobstructed Views and a Great Value

Woodland Wood Composite

Poly materials, engineered wood shutters stand up to the highest desert temperatures.

MiraMonte Hardwood

Wood Shutters With Old World Craftsmanship.

MiraMonte Premier Stain Wood

Custom Stained 100% North American Bass wood Shutters

Privacy Plus Shutter

Privacy Plus Shutter is the newest innovative shutter available since the introduction of the Hidden Tilt.

Window Treatments

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